Charles Proctor IV Glass (cpivglass.be) is a specialist glass manufacturer. Based in London, we specialise in making glass for the casino gaming industry, with a particular focus on slot machines.

Keep reading to discover more about CPIV (Charles Proctor IV Glass), the services we provide and developments in the glass manufacturing industry.

Products related to glass manufacturing in the casino sector

Our flexible range of glass can be used in a huge variety of different games in bonus casinos of all shapes and sizes, as well as hotels, bars and clubs. Our designs meet the highest gaming standards, ensuring our products work smoothly and last long.

Gaming cabinets – the most popular use for our CPIV glass is for gaming cabinets, also known as slot machines or fruit machines. Thanks to the highly-customizable nature of our glass, we can provide hardware solutions for games with a wide variety of different configurations.

Our hardware for slot machine cabinets includes all the latest themed video slots games, which in the past have included themes such as Hollywood blockbuster movies, sports games and classic arcade games. Our displays are vibrant, clear and ensure optimized gameplay for each and every player.

Multi-player cabinets/gaming stations

Another popular choice for our clients within the casino industry is our multi-player gaming cabinets. These normally accommodate up to eight players at any one time, whereby players can play independently or against each other.

Our glass displays have been used for such multi-player gaming stations as roulette, poker and blackjack. Glass can be provided to fit individual monitors or larger flat screen table-top glass in which all players can see at the same time.

Touch screen all-in-one game stations

A popular choice for bars, pubs and clubs, these all-in-one game stations host a wide library of different games all in one cabinet-style machine.

Our durable glass can be provided in a range of different sizes and thicknesses to match production specifications, while our touch-screen technology is effective and reliable. Popular games include multiple choice-style TV games, arcade games and sports games, where customers load in credit to play each time.

Interactive arcade games

This final category of hardware is often found in video arcades, and can take on the form of many different fun games. CPIV has experience in producing glass for coin slot games, interactive roulette wheel games, first-person shooters, driving simulators and many more! Our hardware can be integrated with unique in-game features comprised of other materials, including plastic buttons, fabric seats, textured features and moveable levers.

Why are we different to the rest?

CPIV specialises in the gambling and leisure sectors and focuses heavily on providing glass for slot machines. We are not just a generalist manufacturer, but rather provide intricate solutions for our clients’ often complicated problems. We are problem solvers, dynamic, forward thinking and flexible.

Important features of our Interactive displays

CPIV has been producing interactive displays for the leisure and casino industry for over 12 months. We strive to offer our clients the very best technology available, that is:

  • Durable and reliable, allowing vigorous use on a daily basis which lasts for years.
  • Customizable, with specifications including size, weight and colour easily changed to fit different machines and gaming stations.
  • Beautiful designs, including the latest themed graphics with vibrant colours and quality-looking displays.
  • Reliable touch screen technology integrated into tempered glass that is easy to use for all players with fast response times and customizable pressure sensors.
  • Superb value-for-money that allows our clients across a range of sectors to see a fast return on their investment
  • Quick turnaround time for all of our projects, no matter how large the scale or complex the brief.

What does the future hold for glass manufacturing in the gaming and leisure sector?

When it comes to the future of glass manufacturing technology for the casino industry, the future lies in one key place: advanced touch screen technology. While CPIV already provides a range of touch screens for different casino and arcade games, hardware in the coming years is set to take on even more advanced touch screen capabilities.

One area we are excited to explore is integrated touch screen technology in surfaces such as gaming boards and tables. This combines traditional gaming with video-style machines to bring a really unique experience to the player. The future is also set to see this touch screen technology integrated into a range of different materials other than glass, such as fabrics, plastic and metal.

Right now, we are also exploring new hardware designs such as curved-surface touch screens and flexible glass and plastics that feature touch-sensitive buttons.